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Courageous Conversations around change

Tina McDonald is a Leadership Performance Facilitator and does a lot in youth career coaching. Tina has a no nonsense attitude to development, she believes the best way for businesses to thrive is to invest in the skill you already have.

‘Some people get promoted or cover for somebody and they end up stuck in a rut. They don’t perform. That’s the conversation that is the most important to have, to sit with somebody who is not performing and to actually have the courage to ask ‘what is happening’.

‘If you had a job vacancy and had 3 people to interview for it, would you give the job to one of those 3 people rather than waiting, not filling the role and waiting for the right person to apply?’.

‘When you are in a Leadership Performance role, you are so busy, you’re doing so much that you forget about managing yourself. When do you do your strategic thinking?’.

‘I am not going to ring you every month to make sure you’re managing your time better’.

On this episode of the Leading The Executive Coaching Change, you’ll also hear

* Why difficult conversations are pretty much what Leadership Performance is about

* How any organisation need to evaluate the impact of their on boarding process

* What HR could do to support managers to have courageous conversations.

(And there were so many more points in this one I can?t even cover here ? be sure to listen to get them all.)


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