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Courageous Conversations around the language of change

Do you speak the language of change when you are driving change?

What if the language that you use makes it harder to bring about the difference that you want to see?

As an Executive Coach who helps Leaders manage change effectively and as part of the Leadership training programmes that I deliver, I often draw on John Kotter’s research, a professor at Harvard Business School and world-renowned change expert.

In this podcast and if you would like to explore where you are with the language of change and what you could do to expand, I invite you to do FOUR exercises. They are simple and quick to complete.

On this episode of the Leading The Coaching Change, you’ll hear

* How you can can undo the habits that you have created with the default language you use

* What emotion your own language create and the likely impact it may have on people

* How you can expand your repertoire by using the Thesaurus

* Why it is important to be consistent in the language that you use to promote change?

– “When you talk about change, how do you adapt your language to offer different possibilities?”

-“What tools and processes do you use in your conversations to promote change?”

– “What library of thoughts do you use?”

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