Courageous Conversations around technology

Alessia Pandolfi is a tech expert and online business strategist who rescues online coaches from tech-disasters so they can grow their biz

‘Technology isn’t an obstacle to your business growth; it’s actually there to support it.’

‘It happened sometimes that I came across people who were so stubbornly focused on one or two tools they wanted to use because they thought that that would solve all their problems. Unfortunately, those tools don’t.’?

‘Another type of difficult conversation I have with clients is when they come to me asking for advice on a strategy, and I don’t do strategy! I do the technological part and I do that part of the strategy.’

In this episode, we talk about

How to identify the best technology tools for your business

The importance of precise communication when you client has a different idea

Always having a plan B when you use technology

Courageous conversations around technology change and risks

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