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Courageous conversations around Storytelling

Kay Fabella, who is is a storyteller and communications strategist. She helps entrepreneurs around the world develop their brand and marketing strategy to meaningfully?connect with clients  and meet their business goals. She is a world-recognized author, speaker, and trainer. A Los Angeles native, she’s built her dream business from Spain to train her clients from the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia to bring their brands to life.

‘I think when it comes to visibility, we tend to struggle because we are almost waiting for permission for somebody whose journey mirrors ours, to kind of give us permission and say oh they’ve done it so I can do it too.’

‘A lot of the work that I do, doesn’t exist, you have to create it.’

‘The fact that there are platforms like Thrive to talk about burnout is great…Arianna Huffington also experienced burnout.’

‘Sometimes you can have a difficult conversations with yourself.’

‘A lot of my work starts from that place of what you value most.’

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Stories = visibility = diversity = equality and it’s Kay’s mission to lead a movement for WOC business owners who are ready to step into the spotlight and grow their audience of raving fans and paying clients.

After experiencing burnout at age 22, Kay Fabella eventually went on to launch her business as the Story Finder in 2014. She created a bilingual English/Spanish brand that reached an audience in 27 countries in less than 3 years. She’s been featured in Fast Company, Thrive Global, Huffington Post and in El Paso and leveraged her experience as a Filipina-American expat based in Madrid, Spain, to help solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies grow their visibility through the power of storytelling.

She now teaches her simple *three step visibility system* to entrepreneurs who want to learn to grow profitable businesses with integrity, amplify their platform and reach the clients who need their talents most.

My next Masterclass on ‘Coaching for Managing Difficult Conversations’ is on 2nd October in London. Your investment is £599 +VAT. Book online or alternatively I can send you an invoice if you prefer.


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