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Courageous Conversations around sales

Matthew Dashper-Hughes creates predictable, consistent sales & management results through people, processes, and personal development. He is a Sandler Training Associate.

– ” You get sucked into this cycle of giving presentations, quotes, emails, and never actually closing any deals or very few. And what that looks like is basically giving away all your stuff for free because this prospect have never actually paid you for anything that you’ve actually given them.”

– “The sort of difficult conversations you get are about objection handling. If you end up in a situation where you have objections from your prospect then frankly your process is wrong.”

-“Without identifying the reasons to do business, there is no reason to do business.”

On this episode of the Leading The Coaching Change, you’ll also hear:

* What are the typical sales frustrations

* How trust is a key element in building lasting relationships

* How to recognise the warning signs of a failing process

* What the secrets of the Sandler approach are

(And there were so many more points in this one I can?t even cover here ? be sure to listen to get them all.)

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