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Courageous Conversations around resolving team conflict

How to resolve team conflict?

You are a leader managing a team of people. You have become aware that there is conflict between some of your team members. You wonder how you can resolve the team conflict. You see it as a difficult conversation. You can fix a work relation gone sour.

On this episode of the Leading The Coaching Change, you’ll hear

* How workplace conflict can have a hugely negative impact on organisations.

* What is the definition of team conflict

* How you can develop a team conflict management plan

* How you can use team conflict resolution techniques

– “The hard work is often worth it, especially in a work environment where productivity and performance are at stake”

-“A conflict may become an opportunity for you to build stronger teams by confronting your differences”

– “Listen carefully to different point of views and perspectives. Remember that people see the problem with a different pair of eyes ”

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