Courageous Conversations around negotiation

Are you a leader who likes to ‘win’ at work?

You enjoy getting the results that you’re working towards?

Then you’ll know that it doesn’t *always* come easy and that sometimes you have to negotiate to get the outcome you want.

That’s why you’re going to love today’s episode where I’m going to show you;

  • How you can avoid being ‘blind-sided’ when it comes to negotiation conversations.
  • How you can prepare to have ‘mutual win’ conversations so that neither party feels like the negotiation process has been a loss.
  • What the biggest mistakes are that leaders make on going into negotiation conversations – so that you can avoid them at all costs and get better outcomes!

My favourite quotes from this episode;

  • ‘Preparing thoroughly means being smart with your time’
  • ‘What do you bring to the table?’
  • ‘Do I have what it takes?’

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