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Courageous Conversations around negotiation styles

Have you ever felt like you’re in a ‘no-win’ situation?

For me, it was the day that I interviewed for a job that I didn’t *really* want? but that I *did* need.

I’d hated my job for two years and was finally at the end of my tether.

I’d decided that I needed to move and that it needed to be NOW.

So here I was, interviewing for a job that I was over-qualified for – and that they wanted to pay me peanuts to do.

It felt like a no win situation.

I was frustrated.

But I interviewed well and they offered me the position.

I sat back and breathed for a second.

And then opened my mouth to have a bold conversation?

Negotiation is going to come up at various points of your career; whether it’s on getting that promotion, negotiating on salary expectations or even negotiating your workload.

That’s why on this episode of Leading the Coaching Change, I’m sharing:

* How to identify your negotiation style

*The importance of perception

*The 5 specific skills to help you become a top negotiator

So that you can develop your negotiation style and feel totally confident in your role.

My favourite quotes from this episode;

  • Would you be open to discussing?
  • Negotiating is not manipulating people into what you want
  • When you have empathy, you enjoy stronger collaboration, less stress, greater morale and you bounce back more quickly from difficult moments

In the end I managed to negotiate a salary rise in the job (based on early performance) and ended up being completely happy with my role. There’s ALWAYS a win. You just have to negotiate sometimes to get there!

And if you recognise that you need some support to step up on your leadership journey, visit or message me here on LinkedIn to get the support you need.


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