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Courageous Conversations around levels of support

I am afraid I have bad news for you!

50% of the people who took my survey on Managing Difficult Conversations responded that they spend between 3 to 6 hours a week dealing with difficult conversations and 73% of them say that it is around the level of support that they receive.

This means that you are spending between 6% and 10% of your year at work dealing with difficult conversations. That means daily pain, defeats, frustration, anger, disappointments, hurt, grudges, mistakes and missed opportunities.

And when you are not dealing with those difficult conversations, you are avoiding them.

And that’s just work until it catches you up.

That’s why on this episode of Leading the Coaching Change, I’m sharing:

* The 3 levels of support that could help you move forward with any significant project

* How you can influence the decision makers and gate keepers

* How to have the courage to speak up for your belief in spite of the risks

My favourite quotes from this episode;

– Understanding the strategic goals of your organisation is essential

– Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country (John F Kennedy)

– It’s about reducing the gap between dependence to empowerment

And if you recognise that you need some support to step up on your leadership journey, visit my website or message me on LinkedIn to get the support you need.


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