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Courageous Conversations around leadership presence

The X Factor: what is it and do you have it?

When I was a Headteacher, people would always say that I had leadership presence. I wasn’t sure what it meant to be honest!

I didn’t know if it was a compliment or not.

Was it the way I was dressing (I once had a colleague of mine who had written an article and quoted me as ‘the lady with the high heels)’

Was it what I was saying or not saying?

Was it the way I was looking at people, observing what they were doing?

It turns out that having the ‘X factor’ isn’t always defined by what you wear or even the way you lead… check out my latest episode of The Coaching Change where I’m sharing:

*What is leading from within

*What are the 3 ways in which we are perceived

*How you can connect with your stakeholders

*How to be aware of other’s perception of you

*How to develop your leadership presence

My favourite quotes from this episode:

  • Appearance can greatly determine the way people perceive you
  • When people in your organisation are impressed with your intellect and expertise, they may be more likely to gravitate toward the message you’re delivering
  • Each new leadership position brings with it challenges.

And if you recognise that you need some support to step up on your leadership journey, visit or message me here on LinkedIn to get the support you need.


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