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Courageous Conversations around handling team conflict

Are you forever handling team conflict?

You are a leader managing a team of people. You have become aware that there is conflict between some of your team members. You wonder how you can resolve the team conflict. You see it as a difficult conversation.

But there’s good news! Work relationships CAN be fixed… and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might imagine.

That’s why on this episode of Leading The Coaching Change, I’m sharing;

– The true impact and costs of workplace conflict within organisations

– The real definition (and identifiers) of team conflict so that you can spend your time resolving real conflict instead of minor disagreements.

– How you can develop a team conflict management plan that your team gets onboard with.

– The team conflict resolution techniques that help you prevent conflict – and solve it fast.

My favorite quotes are:

-“The hard work is often worth it, especially in a work environment where productivity and performance are at stake”

-“A conflict may become an opportunity for you to build stronger teams by confronting your differences”

– “Listen carefully to different point of views and perspectives. Remember that people see the problem with a different pair of eyes ”

And if you recognise that you need some support to step up on your leadership journey on handling conflict at work, visit or message me here on LinkedIn to get the support you need.

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