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Courageous Conversations with Jenny Plant

Courageous Conversations with Jenny Plant 1

Jenny Plant is helping creative agencies retain clients and increase lifetime customer value. Her approach includes in-house workshops with monthly accountability coaching to help them implement the learnings, online courses.

I love when Jenny Plant tells me “I’m a perpetual learner. I don’t think I’m ever going to know enough.”

– “So there’s a multitude of different, difficult conversations. It’s less about how they prepare their conversation, and it’s more about how they react to someone else’s approach.”

– “It’s more about how can I bring you a new idea that’s going to be relevant to your business that’s going to be new. You’re going to see me as someone who’s adding value productivity and as a trusted advisor.”

-“It is between having having all your tools and which one is going to help you the most.”

On this episode of the Leading The Coaching Change, you’ll also hear:

* Why account managers have multiple different reasons to have difficult conversations

* How to teach the skills of negotiation and influencing

* What transactional analysis and the drama triangle are

(And there were so many more points in this one I can’t even cover here be sure to listen to get them all.)

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