Difficult conversations with Colleagues

Are you finding it hard to handle difficult conversations with colleagues that you line manage?

Having a difficult conversation does not always mean that we are dealing with difficult people. In many instances, it will be colleagues we like, we respect and who mean a lot to us as part of our teams. Equally, not everyone you are going to meet in your life is going to be someone you like and can work with; and not everyone you meet is going to like you and can work with you. Being with a difficult person is perceived as difficult. A difficult person can make you defensive, exhausted, fearful, miserable, angry, unhappy. You are left with no time and no energy. Your stress hormone called Cortisone is your public health enemy number 1. Elevating your cortisone level interferes with your learning and memory, lowers your immune system and bone density, increases your weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease; and the list goes on.

Would you agree that the cost of resolving conflict is small relative to the high cost of leaving conflicts unresolved? Most importantly, unresolved conflict can be toxic to both you and your organization.

What if I gave you the opportunity to look at the situation with a different pair of glasses?

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is How am I managing difficult conversations at work?

In this episode, I am exploring the fear that we have at the idea of having difficult conversations. I am sharing some tips that will help you to overcome those fears.

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