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Coaching a high-performing team to create top performance

Christine Billy and I share the passion for coaching high performing teams around the world. We also share the same birthday!

It’s funny how we hesitate when describing a high performing team as a crystal or as a diamond. Every diamond is a crystal but every crystal isn’t a diamond.

We’re interested in the invisible and in the magic of high-performing teams.

It’s not because you are a high-achiever that you don’t have barriers, invisible blocks or that little voice tormenting you. After all, whoever you are, you are a human being with a heart and lots of emotions.

In our conversation, we spoke about

– The need to align our mind and our heart

– How to accelerate the success by implying the strategic transformation (and how to measure it)

– The types of conflicts that high performing teams are facing and how to resolve them

– The role of our intuition

I love Christine’s final message of hope.

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