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Courageous Conversations Around Nutrition

Chardet Durbin is a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer.

“When you get deeper into the mindset of what?motivates people to want these changes in these transformations, that’s when you start?to have some really challenging and emotional conversations with people,?especially working with women, because there’s like a whole lot of expectations.”

“When they don’t get that and they’re doing everything, right, they just have that guilt and a lot of that resentment about their body instead of trying to embrace what you have, and be the best you can”

“What if we could get you to this point, right, where you’re super strong, and you’re doing this, and but you can still have all of those things in the way to enjoy your life and still be strong and fit is that you might have to give up this notion of something that is perhaps not attainable without great effort.”

On this episode of the Leading The Coaching Change, you’ll also hear

* Why difficult conversations are challenging and emotional

* How you look in the mirror and what you choose to see

* What is a wellness long life journey

(And there were so many more points in this one I can’t even cover here be sure to listen to get them all.)

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