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Kindness in Leadership

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” Mother Teresa Thank you Jeni Ling, Leisa Grace Wilson for a thought-provoking conversation on ‘Kindness and Leadership ‘. Here are the kind of questions we explored…

Financial resilience in leadership

Really enjoyed our stimulating and thought-provoking podcast on “Financial resilience in leadership” with Mahmood Reza and John Longford DipPFS. Now maybe you’re asking, “How can I improve as a financial leader, regardless of where I am on the career continuum?” Deloitte defines…

How can you be a successful agile leader?

Nick Sherriff who is my special guest on this new episode of #leadingthecoachingchange says something powerful  ‘a leader has to know what’s around the corner’ I love Nick’s leadership philosophy You can’t do the same actions and expect different results…

How to be a transformational leader

Do you remember when I talked about Disruptive Leadership with Simon Harmer ?Zig when everyone zags? in my podcast? Louise Hall, Director of HR and OD at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust commented on Linkedin that ‘It?s easier to do…