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Be the light

In the video you can see me in Dubai’s Museum of the Future. I’m in the ‘HEAL Institute’ section which is focused on reconnecting with our senses. You walk, sit or lie on a touch-pad style carpet where light swirls…

Imposter Syndrome

<< Courageous Conversations around Imposter Syndrome>> Clare Josa is a leadership and Mentor trainer and who is the author of  Ditching the Imposter Syndrome book due to be published on 30th September. ‘I don’t do sticky plasters or band aids’…

Courageous conversations around Storytelling

Kay Fabella, who is is a storyteller and communications strategist. She helps entrepreneurs around the world develop their brand and marketing strategy to meaningfully?connect with clients  and meet their business goals. She is a world-recognized author, speaker, and trainer. A…

What would you do if you were not afraid?


As Sheryl Sandberg points out, ‘fear is at the root of so many of the barriers that women face’. As an International Education Specialist and as an Executive Coach, I ask women leaders: ‘what would you do if you were…

What is your stairway to success?

Stairway to success

I am an Executive Coach. Everyday I have the privilege of sharing my path with truly amazing people, both in terms of business professionals, entrepreneurs and human beings. Working together is always a reciprocal, natural and absolute commitment. You are?…

Feeling boxed-in?

Feeling boxed in

Innovation doesn’t just happen. Just asking for innovation is not enough. It is not fair either! In addition to curiosity, creativity and the skills of developing and implementing, innovation requires above all space, space to challenge and question, space to…

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful

What makes you vulnerable

As an Executive and Organizational Coach, I also have my own Executive Coach. She is called Linley Rose and lives in New Zealand. She is amazing! Back in 2011, we had a conversation around my perceived weakness. I felt vulnerable…

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Shine bright like a diamond

What if I said to you ‘Shine bright like a diamond’?How would it make you feel? ‘What would this mean to you? ‘To shine bright like a diamond’ is an attitude, a philosophy, a state of mind. It is also…

Keep the balance

Keep the balance

You have 200 things to do by tomorrow. Mounting expectations, stakeholders are unhappy, back to back meetings, red flagged up emails, and the phone won’t stop ringing. Your body is running on adrenaline, trying to do a marathon at a…

Choose the right pair of glasses

You are what you see

  The job of an optician is to ask clients questions, do an eye test to see what the client needs. An optician wants to ensure that clients can see. I sometimes think that I am a bit like an…

Navigating the VUCA world

Navigating the VUCA world

Not everyone is familiar with the concept of VUCA but virtually everyone is working within an environment or culture of VUCA, or volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The abbreviation and concept were brought about by the US Military in the…