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Discover the secret of communicating

Communicating change

On 6th and 7th November, I attended the annual PR Week Strategic Internal Comms Conference in London as a speaker and as a guest. Discover the secret for communicating change effectively everyday with my highlights and key lessons. Speakers included…

How to Resolve Team Conflict

Team conflict

You are a leader managing a team of people. You have become aware that there is conflict between some of your team members. You wonder how you can resolve the team conflict. You see it as a difficult conversation. You…

How to fix a work relationship gone sour

Relationship gone sour

Sometimes you get stuck with someone at work. It may be with your colleague, threatened by your skills, or with a superior unwilling to acknowledge your good ideas, or with a subordinate who undermines you. Whatever is happening, this could…

Master the Language of Change

Language of change

Do you speak the language of change? Language shapes thought and thought shapes actions. What if the language that you use makes it harder to bring about the difference that you want to see? Tony Robbins states that according to…

Silence is golden

Silence is golden

The most important and challenging skill in coaching and yet the least explored is silence. What is silence? According to the Oxford Dictionary, silence is defined as ‘the complete absence of sound’. A 2011 World Health Organization report called noise…

Say Thank you

Say thank you

How did you feel when your colleague, your first line manager, your boss congratulated you, said thank you to you? What do people thank you for most often? Today as I am writing my blog, the current world population sits…

Listen with your eyes and open the future

Open the future

  The legendary management consultant Peter Drucker once said that ‘the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn?t being said’. This has always resonated with me as a Leader and as an Executive and Organizational Coach. Today…

The Power of your Visual Board

The power of your visual board

  On the ICF Linkedin group discussion, I was recently asked if I would share how I use vision board with my clients. A visual board create a sacred space that displays what YOU want and actually brings it to…

4 Reasons to Continue to Send Letters

Send letters

I have been looking forward to booking my seat to the upcoming Letters Live show in London this October. It is not like anything I have ever seen before. So on the 7th October began my introduction to Letters Live…