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Navigating the VUCA world

Navigating the VUCA world

Not everyone is familiar with the concept of VUCA but virtually everyone is working within an environment or culture of VUCA, or volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The abbreviation and concept were brought about by the US Military in the aftermath the break-up of the Soviet Union, when the world was suddenly much more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous than ever in recent history. But what does it mean for us, in business terms?

  • Volatility: A huge intensification the type, speed, volume, and scale of changes within the world.
  • Uncertainty: An inability to predict results even from apparently familiar activity – and future events.
  • Complexity: Worldwide connections between various economies and cultures are complicated.
  • Ambiguity: Not everything is clear, or cut and dried. Once it was simple – capitalist or communist, democracy or dictatorship. Things are far less clear cut these days.

Making sense of the chaos

The concept of VUCA really took hold in the turbulent environment following the so-called credit crunch of 2007 and 2008 and the subsequent economic downturn. VUCA, and the ability of organisations to thrive in a VUCA environment, now plays a major part in the development of leadership skills, which is precisely where I, Nadine Powrie, can make a difference. My particular expertise is as an Executive and Organisational coach, working within turbulent environments, and I can help you see beyond the turbulence to create a world of dynamic possibilities; to tackle challenging and complex situations; to succeed in transition phases leading to change.

Working with VUCA, not against it

VUCA isn’t something that must be avoided, or somehow fixed; quite simply, it is what it is and we must find ways to work with and within it. A more and more VUCA world does present significant challenges, I can help you and your organisation to rise to meet those challenges; to help discover and devise new ways of thinking and to formulate new strategies. It’s not about trying to simplify complexities, or to calm volatility. I don’t promise to eliminate uncertainty or to completely avoid ambiguity. Instead, my aim is to work with your organisation to respond to a culture and environment of VUCA and to see a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities for both organisations and individuals.

That’s what my business and leadership development and coaching is actually about. Helping you, and your organisation, to go above and beyond. Don’t just meet the challenges and targets, intend to exceed. To enjoy change and evolution. Let’s not aim merely for survival. Let’s aim to positively thrive.

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