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Accelerating Young Leaders


“Incredible productive time working with you. Really good professional development. Amazing challenge and definitely lots to think about. We love your ‘tricky’ questions.”
Sasha Crabb
Sasha Crabb
Founding Principal at Victory Heights Primary School Dubai
“The perfect sounding board, helping me, literally, draw up a road map that informed crucial career decisions.”

Accelerating Young Leaders 1
Susan Salibi-Hachem
Educator, UAE
“She is a wellspring of knowledge and experience in leadership, school inspection, coaching and mediation.”
Accelerating Young Leaders 3
Leisa Grace Wilson
Editorial Director, Teach Middle East Magazine, School Leader
“Nadine removes the fear of vulnerability; to rephrase, re-evaluate, recalibrate and withhold judgement.”
Accelerating Young Leaders 5
Lilly Gundacker
Former Nuclear Security Data Assistant at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
“Her calming and supportive approach put everyone at ease.”

Tasneem Ajaj
Tasneem Ajaj
Operations Support Manager at Education Development Trust, UAE
“Sterling advice on interview skills."
Accelerating Young Leaders 7
Alexia Cowley
Senior Internal Communication Manager, UK Civil Service
“Thank you, Nadine, love your endless energy, knowledge and passion!”
Erika Entz
Global Head of Customer Success & L&D at The simPRO Group, Brisbane, Australia
“Rarely will you work with a more consummate professional or be more eloquently led.”

Nick Sherriff
Nick Sherriff
Director Office of Education Standards, Cayman Islands
“Nadine positively challenges me to think differently and is really supportive."
Holly Saunders
Apprenticeship Manager, Teacher, Researcher, Lead IQA and Assessor, Portsmouth College, UK

Welcome to the world of leadership strengths!

This 90-minute leadership programme is designed exclusively for university students and young professionals.

Why start your strengths development journey?

  • You’re not sure what career path to take.
  • You’re confused about what makes you unique.
  • You struggle with being labelled ‘inexperienced’ (even if you have completed a gap year or a year abroad) making it challenging to secure your dream job.
  • You lack confidence.
  • You want to build a personal brand.

You’re ready to take control now and invest in a 90-minute strengths-based conversation.


What are the objectives of the programme? 

  • To understand what your ‘7 significant strengths’ are and how you can leverage them for your interviews or probation period.

  • To help you identify what makes you truly unique, enabling honest and authentic conversations. 

  • To empower you to develop and elevate your strengths, as well as productively overcome blockers to your performance. 
  • To make you more confident, engaged with work, productive and able to build better relationships with your colleagues and your teams. 
  • To catalyse high-impact conversations for exceptional performance and to drive up engagement, commitment and performance. Employee performance can increase by as much as 36% when performance conversations focus on strengths, contrasted with a fall of 27% when the same conversation is focused on weaknesses. 

How we will work together


Prior to our first session, you will receive an email link to complete an online Strengthscope™ assessment. Note that it is the only strengths assessment available in the world today with British Psychological Society-registered test status, shown to measure without bias in regard to gender, age and ethnic origin.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive your report prior to our first session together. The report focuses on which strengths give you energy and which drain your energy, allowing us to identify and improve the use of your strengths.

Our work together will be a recorded 90-minute debriefing session on zoom, focusing on your strengths profile. The session includes a personalised summary with guidance so that your early career journey can be successful. 

You can choose to work either with me or with my co-director, Professor Phil Powrie, who as a former university Pro Vice Chancellor, Executive Dean, and programme leader for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as placement coordinator at the University of Surrey, is well-placed to support you.

Phil Powrie

Following your 90-minute leadership programme, we offer the following by arrangement, each priced at £250 (excluding VAT):

  • A one-hour strengths-based interviewing practice to enable you to shine, regardless of your experience.
  • A 360 feedback with your new co-workers and stakeholders to determine how you are effectively using your strengths.
  • One hour of private mentoring.
Accelerating Young Leaders flowchart

Your investment: £250 (excluding VAT)