Leaders Who Have Worked with Me Say that I Am Atypical

First things first

Everyone has something valuable to bring to the table

My first challenging conversation was when I was 7 years old. I skipped a year at school and suddenly found myself with kids a year older than me. I had to relearn how to have the right kind of conversation so that I could make my mark and influence those around me.

When I was 10 I was appointed captain of the school handball team for three years. I’ve been leading teams ever since then.

Photo of me when I was young

My Ah-Ha Moment

Photo of me now

I’ll always remember the key moment that changed everything when I turned 50. I was a Headteacher, and on that Friday afternoon I was speaking to an HR director from the HR company that we partnered with. She asked me what I liked doing most in my work. I replied that I loved coaching people when they’re having difficult conversations, taking conflict to resolution. I remember telling her enthusiastically that the magic happens outside your comfort zone, that if you stay still you die. I told her that we need to grow otherwise we stagnate, and that even though growth can be painful, it doesn’t need to be.

She asked me why I wasn’t a coach then. This took me by surprise as I had a successful job with a good salary.

Five years later Nadine Powrie Consultancy is one of the leading edge global transformational conflict consultancies.

Why I Am Qualified to Drive Radical Change in Your Organisation

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think

Diversity and open-mindedness are part of my DNA. I am bilingual in French and English so I’m in between cultures.

I studied in France and in the UK. It’s while I studied philosophy that I became influenced by Socrates who taught by asking questions, so I chose to do my dissertation on the art of questioning and the science of listening as part of my Masters degree in Education Management.

I have been a Headteacher twice. Ofsted were always looking for BIG innovative, transformative, fast-paced change, often in short timeframes and on low budgets.  Very quickly I became a high-achieving leader.  This is what Ofsted had to say about my School’s performance


  • ‘Change has been extremely fast-paced but rooted in an unwavering desire to secure outstanding achievement for every student.’
  • ‘Under the transformational leadership of the headteacher attainment has risen rapidly.’
  • ‘Professional development and performance management are sharply focused on students’ outcomes.’


I completed a Level 5 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in Human Resource Management. I have an Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am currently training with the London School of Mediation to become an accredited Mediator.

These qualifications, combined with my career in education and my extensive practical experience of coaching, HR and mediation, mean that I can help you transform organisational conflict to accelerate business growth.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

I love my job. You might almost say that I’m borderline obsessed with it. That’s because I enjoy making real transformation in my clients’ lives. 

But balance is critical to my success.  My husband and our four children are my world. I’m a proud grandmother and enjoy my fun conversations with my grandson.

I practise Ayurveda, enjoy regular acupuncture and reflexology. I swim and I love archery.

I work hard, I run a successful business, but I am also a loving wife and mother. These things make me who I am when I coach you.

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