New beginning

What would you do if life gave you a new opportunity?

What would you do if life gave you an opportunity for a new beginning, for a change?

On the night of 7th May 2015, Ed Balls thought there was a chance he would wake up the next morning as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. Instead, he woke up without a job. I wanted to hear his side of the story, of how he felt that morning and how he coped. Thanks to the School of Life and the amazing Tanya Byron, I had the opportunity to get an insight into Ed Balls’ experience who in the end as he says it himself is just a human being. What struck me was his humbleness, his warmth and his honesty. People deal with transition all the time: sometimes those transitions are planned and sometimes they are not. Sometimes we have time to prepare and sometimes we don’t. Resilience, defined by Tanya Byron that evening as breaking down or bouncing back, are the 2 options or 2 opportunities that we all have. We all have flaws and imperfections and we all have strengths. In periods of extreme diversity we discover strengths that we did not know we had and we can grow. Change can be liberating. Moving on to a new beginning can be a very positive experience.

If you are going through a new beginning or a period of transformation or transition or if you simply want to move on, I can help you navigate the change. Contact me at


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