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9 ways to help you increase your resilience

Back in August 2020, when I filled in the online application to be able to broadcast my own LinkedIn live, I had no idea about that very decision would test my resilience. This is why:

On the one hand, I had that little voice in my head telling me:

There are 706 million LinkedIn users so

– Don’t mess this up (I’d never used Streamyard before)

– What if people didn’t think that it was relevant or helpful

– What if there was no impact

On the other hand, that little voice was also telling me:

What a WONDERFUL opportunity to

– Share thinking, engage people in a conversation that I don’t know from around the world

– Have a global voice, speak up and be heard

– Grow a global network

Resilience can be tested by adversity but also by positive changes.

Listen to my podcast, where I talk about what the core components of resilience can be and where I share 9 tools to equip you with developing your own resilience.

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